South Georgia Native Plant & Wildflower Symposium

2002 Symposium Speakers

Native Plants and Proper Relations
Henry L. Bruno
Hank Bruno earned undergraduate degrees in Botany and Anthropology from Duke University in 1976. Following Peace Corps service in Guatemala and two years of archeological field work in the southeastern United States he entered graduate school at Texas A&M University. Working full-time as a Landscape Maintenance Supervisor, he received his M.A. in 1988 with research in Ethnobotany. He arrived at Callaway Gardens in October 1991 where he cares for wildflowers and woody ornamental plant collections as the Trails Manager.

Gardening for Butterflies
Julie Neel
Long before the public passion started for attracting butterflies, Julie was drawn into butterfly gardening through her husband Leon's work. As a forester he was interested in larval host plants and nectaring plants out in the wild. He marked certain plants to protect them so that loggers wouldn't destroy developing butterfly populations by dragging cut logs over critical areas. Julie began featuring butterfly plants in her home garden to increase the butterflies' chances to survive.
In 1988, Julie worked with the Garden Club of Georgia to have an official state butterfly; she selected the eastern tiger swallowtail.
In 1996 Mrs. Lawton Chiles, wife of Governor Lawton Chiles, asked Julie to choose the Florida state butterfly; she chose the zebra longwing.
Julie's garden and expert advice have been featured in Southern Living magazine and in the Southern Living Landscape Book 2000, and Southern Living 2000 Garden Annual. She received the "Certificate of Merit" from the Garden Club of Georgia, the highest award given to an individual. And she was awarded the "Certificate for Conservation" by the National Council of State Garden Clubs.

Identifying and Growing Pitcher Plants
Charles Gremillion
Charles Gremillion is an Associate Director of Field Operations for the Georgia Forestry Commission with a degree in Forestry from Louisiana Tech. He has worked with the US Forest Service and continues to be involved in identifying endangered plant and animal species with the Department of Natural Resources. Mr. Gremillion has grown bog plants and carnivorous plants as a hobby for the last 15 years.

Native Wildflower Meadows
Will Corley
Will Corley spent forty years as a Research and Extension Horticulturist at the Georgia Experiment Station in Griffin, Georgia. His research focused on low maintenance landscape plants, sustainable cultural systems, and wildflower establishment and management. Mr. Corley is a native of South Carolina, and earned a M.S. from Clemson College. After retiring from the University of Georgia, he has enjoyed trading the work ethic for a hammock and fishing pole, but continues to dabble in the promotion of native species to the seed trade.

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