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Gale Buchanan is a native of Madison County, Florida. Dr. Buchanan is a Former USDA Chief Scientist and Under Secretary of Agriculture. He served as Dean & Director of University of Georgia, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and is now Dean & Director Emeritus. Dr. Buchanan shared some of his memories of native plants in his welcome to the attendees.

Rick Huffman is principal and founder of Earth Design Inc. with over 30 years of experience in landscape design, horticulture, bioengineering, and ecology. Handouts related to Mr. Huffman’s presentation are Why Native Plants? and Sustainability for Residential Landscapes. An article about Rick, titled Going Native, is also available.

Jessica Stephens is currently working towards a PhD in Plant Biology at the University of Georgia on the evolution of carnivory in the pitcher plant genus, Sarracenia. Her presentation was Carnivorous Landscapes. Her handout, which contains contact information and a listing of resources, can be found here.

Dr. Jenny Cruse Sanders is the Vice President for Science and Conservation at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Her handout gives information about several rare plants.

Dr. Kris Braman is Professor of Entomology on the UGA Griffin Campus. Her handout is Insect Identification Guide for Southern Landscapes.

Dan S. Miller is the owner of Trillium Gardens, a plant nursery specializing in the propagation and growth of native wildflowers, trees and shrubs from the southeast. His presentation was Growing Native Azaleas.

Amy B. Carter is in charge of the Landscape & Grounds at the University of Georgia Tifton Campus. She also manages the Coastal Plain Research Arboretum, a growing collection of plants that are native to the Southeastern U.S. She is involved with education and outreach programs at the Arboretum.

A handout about native plants is Six Essential Natives. Permission to use the article was granted by the author, Peggy Anne Montgomery.

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