What a great day! The 14th South Georgia Native Plant & Wildflower Symposium was a resounding success. We celebrated the day.

  • We celebrated flexibility, by changing the order of the speakers: the first was stuck in traffic on I-75.
  • We celebrated partnerships: members and representatives of Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., Master Gardeners of Southwest Georgia, Center for Invasive Species, Ecoscapes, Georgia Native Plant Society, Georgia Department of Transportation and University of Georgia Faculty and Staff were present, available for questions and discussion.
  • We celebrated the plants: two growers provided plants to purchase and shared tips with the shoppers.
  • We celebrated lifelong learning: scholarships providing registration were awarded to four area college students enrolled in horticulture programs, and three attendees for perfect attendance! Certificates were presented to seven people for having attended for ten years.
  • We celebrated gardening with natives: the Native Landscape Award was presented to Mrs. Betty Jinright, one who has practiced what we preach in her home garden.
  • We celebrated being with others with shared interests. It was indeed a great day!
We will share what we learned with you, too.

On the top left menu “Presentations” has been added. Go there to find slide shows of the speakers’ materials and you-tube videos of the presentations made that day. Gretchen Quarterman filmed the presentations and shared them here.

Mark your calendars and make your plans to attend the 15th SGNPWS: the fourth Wednesday in March!

Happy Spring!


Information of interest:

Be sure to visit the Archives for a brief description of past presentations. The plant lists are there also, with a link to description sheets.

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