What detail, what intricate design, on the small delicate flower petals, surrounding the stem of Monarda punctata! A member of the Lamiacea or mint family, this species is commonly known as spotted bee balm, spotted horse mint or dotted horse mint.

To paraphrase William Shakespeare, What’s in a name? That which we call a horse mint, by any other name would be just as gorgeous.

The species name punctata is a Latin derivative meaning dot or spot. And the cream colored flower petals are delightfully dotted, or punctuated, with purple. From a distance, the flowers may be hidden beneath pink or green to cream colored bracts.

Only upon closer inspection is the skill and care of the Great Designer revealed.

Not a show – stopper or a display that can be appreciated even in a drive by. However, it is a breath - taker, beautiful, bafflingly intricate, a hidden treasure to be appreciated up close.

Like most of the people I know! …. Only upon closer inspection….

Hope you will come and enjoy the 16th SGNPWS “up close”! Register today!

Mark your calendar and set your GPS for the Tifton Campus Conference Center at 15 RDC Road, Tifton. It will be an excellent place to gather with old - and new - friends, to share ideas and to be encouraged by avid and experienced gardeners. See you in Tifton!


Take a look around your community. Is there a place where native plants make up most of the landscape? A landscape designed to showcase native plant species. Please tell us about it! The Native Landscape Award is presented to a business or organization that has been intentional about creating and maintaining a beautiful landscape of native, or nearly all native, plants.

Or, if you know of a landscape designer or landscape company committed to including native plants, in the proper place, we would like to hear about them.

  • So take a look around, and find someone “doing natives right!”
  • Go to the awards nomination page and share that information with us.
Thank you!

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